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Common challenges

Coordinating the responsibilities & ownership

Finding a common understanding of who is responsible for developing integrations between organizations is difficult when each party is solely focused on how their own tool can be integrated.

Translation of requirements

Aligning your integration developers and your business requirements can be a tedious process leading to outcomes that are not ideal and requires many iterations. It’s challenging to write the perfect specifications upfront.

Costly and lengthy projects

Building an integration often takes months to complete with a big price tag. This is often caused by the need to use sub-contractors or internal teams who do not have a sufficient understanding of the context.

High switching costs and vendor lock-in

Contracts with vendors are becoming shorter and integrations can be a significant source for higher switching costs. Starting another integration project each time you have chosen to switch vendors may be a reason for you to not switch to a better-suited vendor.

Results with ONEiO

ONEiO results more elaborated
hour to get your integration started
weeks to take an integration to production
million messages handled per month
years of combined expertise in integrations

The solution

The benefits of using ONEiO

You are in charge all the way

ONEiO allows you to centralize all of your integrations towards your vendors in one place. Our team of experts helps you get started on building the integrations. After the project is complete, you will have the tools and knowledge to make adjustments. Including new vendors or changing existing service providers will be a breeze.

Reduce your time to value

It’s no longer a 6 month project to connect your tool to another vendor. Our endpoint types connect your ITSM tools and are pre-built to handle any of the ITIL processes. Customizing the logic can be done without any code. Our marketplace of service provider endpoint types already includes many of the well-known managed service providers. If your vendor is not yet included, we will work with them to ensure a stress-free integration project for you. Whenever your processes change, you no longer need to start from scratch. Whenever you or a vendor changes tools, our hub model prevents you from having to change everything end to end.

Straight to definition

Our integration experts assist you in creating the necessary rules and mappings directly in ONEiO. There’s no need to learn how to code or to use complicated systems. Our rule robot automates many of the specifications you have previously had to hand over to developers.

Total cost of consumption

Integration projects are no longer a capital expense with ONEiO. By offering our service on the cloud we are able to offer integrations based on how you consume them, not as one-off projects. You can pay by either the quantity of messages sent between tools, or for high volume integrations, a flat rate makes sure you never break the bank.

Integrations independent of your customers

By adding ONEiO as the go-between towards your vendors, you remain in control of which vendors you are able to work with. You are not locked in through a pricey integration which needs to be replaced when you decide to switch vendors. Our growing marketplace of service provider endpoint types makes it easier than ever to start exchanging tickets between your vendors of choice.

Expertise in complex multi-vendor orchestration

Managing an ever-changing landscape of several vendors is never an easy task. We are there to help you find the right solution for how you can better exchange information between your vendors and between your vendors. Years of experience have taught us how to best connect tools and remove the burden of integrations so that you can focus on designing the best service experience for your customers and employees.

The benefits of using ONEiO
Roope Kaukinen,
Senior Integration Architect at TietoEvry

We were able to focus on our core business and save a remarkable amount of time in client projects by cutting out all unnecessary integration development, maintenance, and modification hours. And clients are of course happy with this – many of them have started using ONEiO themselves after learning its benefits with us.



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